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Has it been months since you crossed the dental office’s doorstep? Schedule today!

When was the last time your family visited their Osceola dentist? We know how busy daily life is - and the way months can pass quickly. But your preventive healthcare should never take a back seat. If you get yourself onto a regular exam schedule, you’ll be able to prevent dental problems from growing, and address any issues right away.

Patients seeking an Osceola dentist have found exceptional treatment with Dr. Lee and our staff. While our practice is a short drive from your home, we offer a comfortable, family-friendly environment that merits the trip. Read on to learn more about how often you should be visiting, and get in touch to schedule your family’s next exams.

What’s My Dental Exam Schdule?

The answer to this question is slightly different for every patient, because your teeth are completely unique. Your habits, oral health, diet, and even genetics dictate how often you should get your smile checked out. The American Dental Association recommends that the average patient visit their dentist every six months. But you may need to visit more or less often than that to prevent dental problems.

A few schedule-defining factors are:

  • Risk of periodontal disease - Gum disease wreaks havoc on your mouth, jaw bone, and even systemic health. If you have a higher risk of developing periodontal disease, then you’ll benefit from more frequent exams so that we can keep an eye on your gum line. Gingivitis, the first phase of periodontitis, can be tough to notice on your own.
  • Tobacco use - If you are a tobacco user, your teeth and gums are more vulnerable.
  • Dental history - Patients who have ongoing problems with cavities should be especially careful about preventing new decay. This may pertain to those with worn enamel or a significant amount of dental work.
  • Age - As we grow older, our teeth become more sensitive and open to problems. Just ask Dr. Lee to learn more about what your mouth needs.

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