Mishawaka Teeth Whitening

Mishawaka teeth whitening

Working on whitening? Whether you’re interested in brightening your teeth at home, or are thinking about taking a professional step, we can help. By learning a few of the things that stain your smile, and how to adjust your days to serve a dazzling grin, you can end up seeing the grin you’ve been seeking.

Mishawaka teeth whitening is for patients hoping to see speedy results. Our practice will set you up with the whitening treatment of your choice (whether it’s in-office under our guidance, or at home with custom whitening trays). With hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, you’ll see a change in the shade of your enamel, and a resulting difference in the way the world views you.

Enemies of a Whiter Smile

Your enamel is porous - its surface can be easily penetrated. This makes it common for gradual staining to take hold. When you eat or drink dark foods or beverages, the pigmented compounds in those sauces, coffees, and colas build up within your enamel. The end result might be overall yellowing of the smile, or stained patches here and there.

Hoping to fight back? Take heed of the tips in this infographic. Then, schedule a teeth whitening appointment to get professional help.

Mishawaka teeth whitening
Mishawaka teeth whitening

Choosing to avoid these problematic foods/drinks will help you avoid stains, but won’t have the dramatic results of in-office whitening. The whitening agent in bleaching gel enters the enamel, breaking up stains that have managed to become embedded in your teeth. By the end of your whitening appointment, you’ll see a noticeably whiter smile. If you’re interested in whitening more gradually (or if you have sensitive teeth), you may be interested in home whitening as an alternative method. These results will be more gradual, as the system is not as intense as the one used in the office under our supervision.

Does this sound appealing? Just get in touch to schedule! Your whiter smile will have you feeling (and looking) more confident, capable, and courageous.

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