Mishawaka Family Dentist

Mishawaka family dentist

We know how tough it is to encourage healthy eating habits in your kids. Young palates tend to find fault with many of the dentist-approved foods, drinks, and snacks that we try to encourage. Fed up with trying to force broccoli into your children’s diets? Our Mishawaka family dentist is here to help.

Not all healthy foods have to be “gross” ones. When it comes to tooth-friendly snacks, there are some delicious options that will help strengthen enamel and keep cavities at bay. We can offer tips and tricks for incorporating them into your family’s diet and to help your kids understand why healthy eating is so important.

Tooth-Healthy Diets: Good Guys and Bad Guys

Mishawaka family dentist

Mishawaka family dentist

Remember, you’re the one who decides on the food that’s available to your kids. If there are problems with overconsumption of a certain snack, you might have to put your fist down and stop stocking it in the fridge or pantry. Instead, buy snacks mentioned on the graphic above, and always prioritize low-sugar choices.

If your children aren’t interested in healthier eating, try having a conversation about exactly why proper diet is so important. We can also talk to your kids about plaque and the effects sugary foods have on the teeth at their next exams. If we work together, we can help your young ones adopt an attitude that results in healthy smiles for life.

Scheduling Your Family’s Dental Exams in Mishawaka

It’s crucial that your children see the dentist regularly. By spotting dental problems in their early stages, we can prevent the need for uncomfortable treatment that might give them anxiety about visiting the office. The longer we can put off their first experience with the dental drill, the better. It’s all about disease prevention!

Has it been longer than six months since your family visited our office? Give us a call today to schedule!

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