Granger Sedation Dentistry

Granger sedation dentistry


Eating broccoli. Putting their shoes away. Flossing their teeth. Each of these responsibilities is low on your child’s list of priorities, leading to a nonstop battle between parents and kids. When you add in something as stressful as the dentist’s office, it becomes near-impossible to get your children to cooperate.

If your son or daughter hates the dentist, we’re here to help. Granger sedation dentistry will allow them to receive comfortable, an anxiety-free treatment that leaves them smiling - and happy to return to the office. Just get in touch to set up sedation for your son’s or daughter’s next appointment.

Why Kids Hate the Dental Office

  • They don’t understand dental procedures - The unknown is a big, scary entity - and it’s one that your kids don’t have to face. Dr. Lee and our staff will talk your children through each step of their procedure so that they know exactly what to expect, and that there aren’t any frightening surprises ahead.
  • They’re scared of pain - None of us like pain, and kids are especially fearful of discomfort. With a combination of local anesthesia and dental sedation, we will keep your kids feeling completely pain-free and worry-free during treatment.
  • They’re worried about cavities - We adults are guilty of this, too - we put off dental exams because we’re scared of uncovering cavities that will require invasive treatment. One way to help your kids stop feeling stressed is to up their cavity prevention game. If your children understand that careful brushing and flossing will keep them from having to face the dental drill, they’ll be more diligent about their oral hygiene and healthy eating.

Happy kids make dental exam day a whole lot simpler. Contact us to learn more about reaching that positive place.

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