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When you're at the right dental practice, you'll find yourself smiling in the dental chair!

Finding a dentist can be an extensive, exhausting search. While it’s easy to discover whether an office exists near your home (thanks to the power of the Internet), it’s much harder to determine whether that dentist is a great match. What makes a great match, anyway? Our Bristol dentist will tell you a few things to look for when considering your relationship with your dental practice.

Once you’ve found the dentist that truly fits, you’ll look forward to your dental exams, feel ready for conversations about your oral health, and see your smile stay healthy and strong. And that’s something that every patient deserves.

The Dentist-Patient Relationship

A staggering number of American adults have dental anxiety. For many of them, that anxiety actually prevents them from scheduling regular appointments. This leads to a vicious cycle of more serious dental problems taking hold (since there aren’t any preventive exams), which then require invasive and anxiety-inducing treatment to repair.

Break this cycle by finding a dentist’s office in which you can actually feel comfortable. This is possible with a little research, during which you can learn about:

  • Other patients’ experiences with the practice - Check out whether the practice has online reviews or patient testimonials. If patients talk about having great experiences at the practice, you’re likely to feel the same way.
  • The office staff and dentist - Every dental practice is unique. It’s never a bad idea to drop by a potential office before you actually need to receive dental work. This helps you get more comfortable with the facilities and staff, and see whether your personality is a good fit with the tone of the practice.
  • The office’s environment - If the setting makes you feel comfortable, then you’re less likely to feel a surge of anxiety in the dental chair. Check out photos online, or visit for yourself.

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