Why White Teeth Should Be a Priority

Elkhart teeth whiteningWe’ve all thought about teeth whitening at one point or another. Unless you’re extremely lucky (and an incredible brusher and flosser), your teeth have fallen prey to some level of discoloration and staining. If you’ve considered whitening, did you end up following through? If you hesitated, what was your reason for holding back?

Whitening is not only affordable and effective, but also brings more than just physical changes into your life. Looking for a personal boost of some kind? Whitening could be the answer. Even if you’re considering more complex cosmetic dentistry, simply lightening the shade of your grin could accomplish the transformation you were looking for. It’s all coming your way – and it’s possible with just an hour in the office.

What Do Whiter Teeth Communicate?

Judgment is a part of daily life, and that’s never going to change. We all spend time evaluating one another. When meeting someone new, the first impression is typically drawn from one’s physical appearance. What do your teeth say when you share them with the world?

Your smile is a valued part of your appearance. It communicates much more about you than you may realize. People head right to your teeth to decide what you’re all about. A Match.com survey found that the smile was deemed the most important aspect of an attractive person. While being attractive isn’t your top priority, appealing to those around you likely is – and presenting white teeth will get you positive attention.

White teeth also convey a message of

  • Great health – A healthy smile is usually a beautiful smile. If your teeth look bright, people will assume a healthy wellbeing (and that’s the most appealing personal factor of all). We all want to be around someone who’s in great physical shape.
  • Personal care – It shows respect for those around you when your appearance is well kept. They are aware that you care about how they view you, and are grooming to impress.
  • Self-esteem – When you look great, you feel confident; when you feel confident, you act confident; and when you act confident, others see you as a powerful, leading force.
  • Success – Why not convey the image of success? It could help lead to the real thing.

How Teeth Whitening Could Get You Promoted

Elkhart teeth whiteningEven more important than looking appealing is looking capable. And when you bring your whitened teeth into the workplace, you’re showing your employer that you’re ready for anything. With the accompanying confidence boost, you’ll be prepared to take a leadership role, and thrive at the center of attention. You’ll be more comfortable working in a team, and showing that you’re prepared for greater responsibility. If you’ve been looking for a promotion, whitening your teeth could be a wise step.

Whiten Your Teeth in Elkhart

If you’re ready to bring your smile to the next level, we’re here to help. Teeth whitening is one of the most simple cosmetic dental procedures, but still leaves you with dramatic results. You’re able to whiten in the office, or at home. Know that you’ll see the speediest whitening if you undergo an in-office procedure. When whitening at home, the hydrogen peroxide formula is weaker, and there are no catalyzing agents (like a specialized light) to kickstart the whitening reaction.

Because it’s a buildup of staining compounds that leads to dull, yellow teeth, it’s also important that you clean your teeth thoroughly and regularly. Scheduling regular dental exams will help you maintain your whitened smile.

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