Time for Cosmetic Dentistry? Ask Yourself These Questions

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Do you love catching a glimpse of your smile in the mirror? Or do you keep your lips closed tight over your teeth?

Is your smile suited to cosmetic treatment? It's time to do a little self-reflection. Figuring out exactly how you feel about your smile will help you move forward, and gain a grin that makes you feel confident, proud, and thrilled to show it off.

After checking out our guide to preparing for a smile makeover, get in touch to connect with our staff and take the next step. A consultation will give you more information and you'll start building a relationship with Dr. Lee and our welcoming team.

Will I Benefit from a Smile Makeover?

  • Do you love your smile? We're not talking, "Eh, it's ok, I'm fine with it." We're talking all-out, full-on self-love for your teeth. That happy place can be achieved - and once it is, you'll see the benefits resounding throughout your life. You'll feel more self-assured, and be ready to take center stage in everything you do.
  • How dramatic would you like your transformation to be? No matter what you're interested in, there's a corresponding procedure. Certain treatments will completely make-over your grin, leaving it unrecognizable from your current teeth. But others are more subtle, and well-suited to patients who want a little upgrade without a total switch. Whether you want to straighten, rebuild, resize, whiten, add symmetry, cover chips and cracks, or anything else, there's something appropriate in the cosmetic world.
  • Are you nervous about dental treatment? Many patients hold back from cosmetic dentistry out of anxiety. But many treatments won't require you to face shots of anesthesia or drilling. If you're uncomfortable in the dental atmosphere but can't feel good about your smile, we'll find the option that fits (potentially teeth whitening, dental bonding, or snap-on smile).
  • Do you have financial restrictions? Often, patients feel that cosmetic treatment is a frivolous investment that they just can't afford. In reality, they can't afford not to gain all the benefits that stem from a confident smile. We'll work with you to find affordable treatments and payment plans that fit your means. 

Ready to dive into a new smile? Contact us today.

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