Prevent School Absences with Regular Exams

pediatric dental health

Hoping to help your kids get a leg up at school? We all want our children to succeed, and try to do whatever possible to give them the tools they need to excel academically. Problem is, there are some things that we might not be aware of, that are actually contributing to cavities. One of these is skipping dental exams.

Your kids should visit the office every six months for routine care. By staying cavity-free while they're young, they actually gain some lifelong benefits. Read on to learn more about what those are, and get in touch to schedule your kids' next appointments today.

Why Kids Benefit from Staying Cavity-Free

  • Lower chance of developing dental anxiety - What causes dental anxiety, exactly? The answer is different for every patient, but it commonly stems from negative dental experiences. And when you're a child, you're even less certain of what's going to happen in the dental chair. If kids develop cavities, they have to receive fillings, and the process can be traumatic. While we do everything we can to keep children comfortable in the dental chair, it's easier to prevent cavities in the first place.
  • Fewer school absences - As this infographic mentions, cavities are actually the top cause of school absences. The more often your kids miss school, the tougher it is for them to be star students. Avoid the need to pull them out during the day, and set up exams on your own schedule so that you're not suddely facing a dental emergency.
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem - When your kids have healthy, strong teeth, they feel better about themselves. They'll be more comfortable being social, and generally more confident.
  • Develop lifelong oral health habits - We learn habits during our youth that tend to stay with us for many years to come. By teaching your kids to visit the office and boost their dental health, you help ensure that they continue those practices into the future.