Motivating Kids' Healthy Habits

Elkhart pediatric dentistWhen it comes to kids’ health, sometimes the way to get them engaged in positive habits isn’t all that straightforward. Children are most interested in doing whatever is entertaining, pleasant, or fulfilling to them in some way. Of course, what this means depends on the unique child, but taking a look at what makes them feel more comfortable gives us clues as to how we can encourage them.

A group of schools in Australia is doing just that. Noticing that kids weren’t drinking water, the University of Sydney invested in chilled, filtered water fountains throughout the buildings. Many children in the area prefer sugary drinks because the tap water is warm and doesn’t taste good. By installing these drinking fountains for those who don’t have bottled water at home, the school can help lower tooth decay and improve kids’ overall health.


These are the kinds of changes that are necessary to reduce childhood cavities. By avoiding disease during their youth, patients can grow up without dental anxiety and confidence about their strong, healthy smiles. If you’d like to find ways to help your family prevent decay, keep reading - and get in touch with any questions.


Ways to Boost Your Kids’ Dental Health

  • Shop smart - As seen with the schools we mentioned, sometimes the presence of a healthier option helps kids make the right choice. By skipping soda, candy, chips, and other high-sugar, high-starch and high-fat options, and providing your kids with fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, cheese, and yogurt (not to mention plenty of water), you help them learn to enjoy the taste of fresh, healthy foods.
  • Find kid-friendly dental products - There are countless versions of every toothpaste and toothbrush, all with the aim of appealing to kids’ sensibilities. Find products that feature your child’s favorite movie character or colors, and they’ll be more excited to clean their teeth.
  • Brush and floss together - Make oral hygiene time family time! By brushing and flossing together, you not only make sure your kids get it done, but that they’re cleaning correctly and for long enough (at least 2 minutes per brushing).

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