Is Botox a Mood-Booster?


Elkhart BotoxIs happiness an injection away?


Botox is already a household name, but we’re still learning more about all the ways it benefits our lives. In addition to its aesthetic advantages, Botox can be administered therapeutically to improve head pain or migraines, or soothe jaw disorders. And its unique assets don’t stop there.


Studies on the connections between emotions and physical display of feelings have been using Botox as a means of learning more about the way our brains work. The findings are surprising - and they’re teaching us more about what Botox really does. At the same time that it’s smoothing out lines on your forehead, Botox may also be making you happier on a daily basis.


How Botox Impacts Our Moods


You might be saying to yourself, of course Botox makes people happier. It gets rid of wrinkles and boosts confidence, so it makes sense that happiness follows. But the studies we’ve referenced have taken steps to remove the aesthetic aspect from results. They experienced heightened contentment simply because they weren’t frowning, rather than as a side effect of their appearance.


Charles Darwin first proposed that our emotions and the display of our emotions might be cyclical, with the way we look changing the way we feel. More recent studies have been able to approach this question in a scientific fashion. In one, half of the participants received Botox in muscles associated with frowning. When filling out surveys about their anxiety levels and mood, the Botoxed participants said they were happier and less nervous in general. The key finding? They also didn’t feel more attractive, so the shift in mood wasn’t related to wrinkle loss.


Why is this important? Because Botox may help you more than you expect. If you’ve ever been interested in taming facial lines, just get in touch to learn more about the process. Soon, your skin could be smoother and your heart could be lighter - it’s as simple as a few injections.

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