Getting Exactly What You Need Out of Restorative Dentistry

Elkhart restorative dentistryIs your smile missing some bits and pieces, an entire tooth, or even more? No matter its state, restorative dentistry can make a significant difference - to both your teeth and your entire life. Rebuilding weakened or damaged teeth will improve your oral health, tooth function, confidence, and daily comfort. If you're unsure about the prospect of treatment, don't hold back any longer. We look forward to guiding you through the restorative process at Elkhart Dental Center.

Restorative Dental Treatment in Elkhart, IN

Restorative dentistry takes both your smile's appearance and health into account. The treatments will bolster your tooth strength, and remake your smile to rejuvenate your appearance. Depending on your case, more than one restorative treatment may be necessary. Dr. Sangyoung Lee will discuss your options with you to decide what will be best for your oral health and your needs.

Preparing for Restorative Dentistry

Elkhart restorative dentist

Before receiving dental restorations, you will need to go through the following steps:

  1. Research - It's important to do some of your own research about your restorative options. Spend some time on our website and other websites from the American Dental Association and other dental organizations. Once you understand what's available to you, and what the different procedures entail, you'll be better-equipped to have an in-depth conversation with Dr. Lee. Study up before your consultation to learn more about restorative treatments!
  2. Consultation - Your consultation is a chance for you to talk to Dr. Lee about any questions or concerns you may have. Dr. Lee will take x-rays, examine your mouth and jaws, study your dental history, and develop a treatment plan that accommodates your needs. During your consultation, Dr. Lee will lay out his professional recommendations for the best restorative path.
  3. Preparatory treatments - Depending on your oral health, there may be preparatory steps to take before restoration placement. If you are seeking dental implants but have been missing teeth for some time, it's likely that the jaw bone has resorbed and will need a bone graft. If you have cavities or periodontal disease, those will need to be treated and healed. If you are getting crowns or bridges, the natural teeth will need to be prepared in order for those restorations to fit into place. Dr. Lee will provide any necessary preparatory care to get you ready for the full course of restorative treatment.

Dental Restorations and Treatment Options

  • Crowns - Dental crowns rebuild teeth that have become worn or damaged. Once they are restored, the natural teeth will function properly and prevail. Crowns are an excellent way to restore teeth that won't be able to survive on their own.
  • Bridges - Bridges combine crowns with false teeth to replace ones that you may have lost. A bridge fits a pontic (false tooth) into the gap left behind, fixing it in place.
  • Partials - Partial dentures replace spans of missing teeth. They are commonly removable, allowing for easy cleaning.
  • Periodontal Treatment - Periodontal treatment will heal gum disease and return your gum line to health. With the aid of specialized antibiotics, as well as scaling and root planing, Dr. Lee will rid your gums of disease.
  • Dental Implants - Dental implants replace missing tooth roots. These titanium screws sit in the jaw bone, where they eventually form a connection with that bone. Restorations can then be placed atop the implants for support.
  • Dentures - Dentures replace entire mouthfuls of missing teeth - both comfortably and with great function.

Ready to learn more about restorative treatment? Get in touch with our office to start talking about your rehabilitated smile!

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