Bone Loss Doesn't Have To Happen to You

jaw bone lossWhen tooth loss strikes, much more changes than just the number of teeth in your mouth. As soon as you lose that tooth, your jaw bone loses the support of that structure. This leads to the bone tissue resorbing, breaking down and dissolving into the bloodstream.

You need your bone - for so many reasons. And with a proactive approach to your oral health, you don't have to see your jaw weakening as a result of tooth loss. Keep reading to learn how you can preserve your jaw structure, why that's so important, and how we can help at Elkhart Dental Center.

Why Your Jaw Bone Is So Important

Your jaws support your teeth. While they may not seem as necessary if you're experiencing tooth loss, they will make it possible for you to place a dental implant. An implant both protects your existing jaw bone and provides a foundation for a restoration. Since the restoration is attached to your own jaw, the stability and performance is unparalleled - but this is only possible with adequate bone density.

Your jaw bones also contribute to your natural facial structure. They help keep you looking young, and support your skin to prevent wrinkles. Tooth and bone loss can lead to premature aging, and even make you look like a different person. By preserving your bone tissue, you can slow down this aging process.

Stop Jaw Bone Loss in Its Tracks

  • Respond to tooth loss ASAP - Whether you've had an infected tooth extracted, or have lost a tooth due to periodontal disease, you'll need to react right away. The longer you hesitate, the longer you'll be vulnerable to bone loss.
  • Learn more about Bioplant - We offer a synthetic bone graft that protects the tooth socket immediately after extraction. It helps prevent the bone loss that commonly takes place after a tooth is removed. If you think this might be right for you, just let us know!
  • Keep your regular dental appointments - It never hurts to check in with your dentist on schedule. We'll be able to spot potential problems before they become serious, and potentially prevent the tooth loss in the first place.
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