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By Elkhart Dental Center
September 28, 2017
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If you want straight teeth you’re not unlike most Americans. The majority of Americans believe that a straight, symmetrical smile is a key invisalignelement of a person’s attractiveness according to a survey by the American Dental Association. Let our dentist at Elkhart Dental Center in Elkhart, IN Dr. Sangyoung Lee straighten out your teeth with Invisalign, an orthodontic treatment that is in high demand with teen and adult patients.

More Adults Want Straighter Teeth
Though most orthodontists say that the best time to straighten your smile is in the pre-teen or teen years, more and more adults are inquiring about braces. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one in five orthodontic patients are over the age of 18. They want perfectly aligned teeth with contoured edges that are free from gaps and crowding. 

How to Get Straight Teeth
Invisalign is one of the best options for adults who want a straighter smile but want to avoid wearing metal braces. Invisalign, an orthodontic treatment offered by our Elkhart dentist, allows your dentist to adjust the positioning of your teeth gently and discreetly with the help of plastic aligners. You’ll simply wear the prescribed aligners for two weeks at a time until the treatment is complete. It’s easier and faster compared to getting metal braces. 

Keeping Your Teeth Straight
After your teeth are straightened with Invisalign braces, you have to keep up with a few habits to ensure that they stay that way. Here are some tips:

- Brush and floss twice per day to avoid problems with gum disease, which can cause the teeth to shift out of place.
- Avoid clenching or grinding your teeth.
- Avoid biting or tearing food with your front teeth when possible.
- Wear your final aligner as your retainer at night when you’re sleeping. If you lose the aligner, get a new one quickly from your dentist.

Make an Appointment for Orthodontics
A straighter smile is possible thanks to the various orthodontic treatment options offered at Elkhart Dental Center in Indiana, including Invisalign. Call the office at 574-522-0156 today to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Sangyoung Lee.