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Packing lunches for your kids is a relatively easy way to make sure they eat tooth-healthy while at school (instead of going for sugary treats)

Now that you know that kids' cavities are the #1 cause of school abscences (and adverse academic performance), you're readier than ever to make this school year cavity-free for your children. But what steps can you take to encourage their great oral health? Throughout the year, you can make both daily steps and larger decisions that will help boost health and keep your kids smiling. Our tips are below, and if you ever have questions, just give us a call.

How to Make This School Year Tooth-Healthy

  • Schedule your whole family's exams at once - If you struggle to find time in the schedule for preventive care (and who doesn't), it helps to set up your exams way out. By arranging everyone's exams on the same day, you also save additional trips to the office, and help your kids feel more comfortable with the office because you're also receiving care from the same team.
  • Pack school lunches - Who knows what your kids get up to when they're purchasing their own lunches at school? By packing their meals ahead of time, you make sure they get well-rounded lunches and low-sugar snacks. While you're at it, try packing your own lunch - you'll save money and eat better than if you eat out during work!
  • Make sure your kids' brushing and flossing are consistent - The school year gets so busy, with the combination of homework, extracurriculars, social events, and whatever else pops up in daily life. Keep an eye on your kids' brushing and flossing to be sure they're cleaning properly, and twice a day. If you have time, brush your teeth alongside them to get them more into the hygiene spirit.
  • Fill the fridge and pantry with healthy options - When you're grocery shopping, you're determining how your whole family eats. Be sure to prioritize foods, snacks, and beverages that are tooth- and body-health, and limit sugary or starchy treats.
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Elkhart teeth whiteningAfter whitening your teeth, you're so excited about your new smile - and you want to make sure the brighter tint lasts as long as possible. Unfortunately, the world is filled with lurking threats to your white smile, and you may not be aware of them. This post will help you learn more about what you can do to encourage a beautiful grin in the long-term, and the staining habits to avoid after cosmetic treatment.

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How To Make a Whitened Smile Last

  • Avoid staining drinks - Dark red or brown substances, tobacco, and highly acidic beverages will all lead to stains. Avoid them to keep yourself looking great! And rinse with water immediately afterwards when you do imbibe. Water cleanses your teeth and helps prevent stains from setting.
  • Stay away from super hot or super cold beverages - Immediately after whitening your teeth, your enamel's pores are more accessible than usual. This means that they'll be more sensitive to hot and cold drinks, and you'll want to stay away from them for a short period of time to avoid discomfort.
  • Try home touch-ups - No matter what you do, you will eventually see stains building back up on your teeth; that's the nature of life! But getting a home whitening kit will help you kick out stains in the months after treatment, and help your initial results appear to really last. Home whitening isn't as dramatic as in-office treatment, but it will help maintain the initial results.
  • Stains not lightening? Try veneers or bonding - If your stains are intrinsic, whitening won't make a difference. In this case, creating a new layer with bonding or veneers will whiten your smile and cover up the stains for good. Plus, bonding composite and veneers aren't porous the way enamel is, so you don't have to worry about stains building back up.
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