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Elkhart dental implants

Choosing dental implants is a big decision. We want to ensure that the implant process is as smooth, comfortable, and successful as possible - so Elkhart Dental Care offers treatment options that help you receive precise care that is ideal for your health.

Implant surgery can require some preparatory steps, as well as specific follow-up care. We strive to provide you with all the tools and resources you need to see strong, solid implants that support your new smile. By seeing that your implants bond successfully with your jaw bone, we help them see that your restorative dental treatment lasts as long as possible.


Dental Implants at Elkhart Dental Center

Our attention to detail makes implants with our dental practice totally patient-oriented. If you choose to pursue implants with Dr. Lee, we’ll discuss each of the following with you:

  • Mini vs. Regular Implants - Mini implants are (as their name suggests) smaller than regular implants. This makes the procedure possible for patients who might not be able to receive standard implants for health reasons. Mini implants will support restorations in the same way, but can be placed without as invasive a surgical procedure.
  • Bone grafts - If you’ve been missing your tooth/teeth for some time, it’s likely that the bone in the area has resorbed, and that the jaw might not support an implant. With a bone graft, we’ll augment the area to strengthen it for the implant.
  • Bioplant - Because the jaw bone begins to dissolve after a tooth is lost, it’s imperative to act quickly. We offer Bioplant to help stop bone loss in the area, and keep the jaw prepared for restorative treatment.
  • Post-surgery care - After receiving your implants, you will need to clean your teeth thoroughly but gently, get plenty of rest, and protect the surgical area. We’ll give you the information and guidance necessary to see a healthy healing period.

Ready to learn more? Simply contact us to schedule an implant consultation.

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