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Why Choose Invisalign?

Wondering whether Invisalign is the right way to correct your crooked smile?

Curious to know why people keep choosing Invisalign over traditional braces? If you’ve been avoiding the idea of getting braces because you aren’t too thrilled by what conventional braces have to offer, Invisalign offers patients of our Elkhart, IN, family dentists Dr. Sangyoung Lee, Dr. Samantha Lee, and Dr. Grant Greif a unique solution. You can still get that straighter smile but without worrying about some of the issues associated with wearing traditional braces.

Here’s why people are turning to our family dentists here in Elkhart, IN, for Invisalign.

A Completely Invisible Treatment

It certainly doesn’t make it too challenging to wear braces when they are made from completely clear material. You can straighten your smile and still never have to worry that your aligners will detract from you or your appearance. This is why so many adults and teens turn to our Elkhart, IN, family dentist for Invisalign.

A Comfortable Aligner System

Invisalign is made from medical-grade plastic that is smoothed at the edges, making them an incredibly comfortable treatment option. No metal, no sharp edges; just a set of aligners that are custom-made to cover your teeth to provide you with a snug but comfortable fit.

Easier to Clean

We know how challenging it can be for our patients, especially our teen patients, to keep their teeth clean with braces. Fortunately, this isn’t much of a problem if you get Invisalign. Aligners are easy to keep clean by simply removing them and gently brushing them. You don’t even need to brush your aligners with toothpaste just water. Brushing your trays every morning and night, as well as between meals can help to keep your aligners stain-free and clean.

Faster Treatment

Many of our adult patients who get Invisalign see faster results with this clear orthodontic option. The average length of treatment for adults is about one year; however, if you are only dealing with minor misalignments you may actually achieve full results in less than one year. This is something that we can discuss with you in more detail during your consultation.

Are you ready to get a beautifully straight smile this year? If so, turn to our Elkhart, IN, family dentists for invisible braces. To schedule a consultation, call Elkhart Dental Center at (574) 522-0156.

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