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May 28, 2019
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How Can Sealants Help Your Child's Smile?

Are you doing everything you can to keep your child's smile healthy? Getting dental sealants put on is simple and painless. Dental sealants are painted on as a liquid and quickly harden to form a shield over the teeth. Read on to find out how sealants from your family dentist in Girl SmilingElkhart, IN, can help your child's smile.

1. Sealants are virtually invisible. Dental sealants are clear or white in color, making them virtually invisible when smiling, eating, or talking. Dental sealants fit perfectly into the grooves of the teeth and look completely natural. They're designed to blend in with natural teeth.

2. Sealants help prevent tooth decay. Dental sealants cover the chewing surfaces of the teeth and protect these vulnerable areas from decay by "sealing out" food and plaque. A recent study showed that dental sealants warded off decay in high proportions of permanent teeth, sometimes for up to 10 years.

3. Sealants help prevent cavities. Tooth decay is the destruction of enamel that occurs when bacteria in the mouth make acids that eat away at the enamel. A dental cavity is the result of the tooth decay process that happens over time. Having dental sealants put on teeth before they decay will also save money and time in the long run by avoiding fillings, or crowns used to repair decayed teeth.

4. Sealants help prevent tooth loss. As children grow and develop, they will lose their baby teeth and new, permanent teeth will take their place. Premature tooth loss is a problem that often affects children. Dental sealants can keep your child's healthy so they are not lost too early.

5. Sealants are long-lasting. Dental sealants are durable and long-lasting. They can protect from decay for up to a year. Sealants need to be checked for wearing or chipping at regular dental checkups. Your family dentist in Elkhart, IN, can replace sealants as necessary. The family dentist can repair dental sealants by adding more sealant material.

If your child needs sealants, why wait? We can help you today! Call Elkhart Dental Center at (574) 522-0156 today to schedule a dental appointment in Elkhart, IN. Dental sealants will keep your child's smile healthy for years to come. Remember, healthy smiles are the happiest smiles!

By Elkhart Dental Center
March 15, 2019
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Invisalign Clear BracesHave questions about Invisalign? Invisalign is the clear alternative to metal braces and improves your smile without disrupting your life. Dr. Sangyoung Lee at Elkhart Dental Center in Elkhart, IN, offers orthodontic treatment with Invisalign to their patients.

What is Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign treatment is the process of wearing a series of custom-made aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. No wires, brackets, or restrictions that come with traditional braces. Invisalign treatment is a great solution for teenagers and adults looking for a virtually invisible method to enhance their smile.

What are the aligners made of?

Your Elkhart, IN, dentist will supply you with a set of Invisalign aligner trays. These trays are made of a thermoplastic material uniquely developed for your treatment plan. They are worn for about two weeks, then you switch to a new set of trays.

How does Invisalign straighten teeth?

Invisalign aligner trays straighten teeth through the placement of controlled force on the teeth. You will need to wear your aligner trays for about 20 to 22 hours every day, except to brush, floss, and eat. Invisalign aligner trays move your teeth in small increments.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

  • Invisalign aligner trays are transparent and work with your lifestyle.
  • They're nearly invisible, so most people won't notice that you're wearing them.
  • With traditional braces, you have to avoid eating certain foods because they can get stuck in your braces.
  • Invisalign aligners can be removed for special occasions, eating, brushing, and flossing.

How long does treatment take?

It takes between 9 to 18 months to create a brand new smile using Invisalign. The average length of your treatment depends on the severity of your condition and can be determined by your dentist. Before you start treatment, you will know how long your treatment will take and what your teeth are expected to look like.

Will I need a retainer after treatment?

Wearing a retainer after orthodontic treatment is an important step because it keeps your teeth stable in their new positions. If you want your teeth to remain in their new positions, it's best to wear a retainer. In many cases, the patient's last aligner will be their temporary retainer, until their retention option is determined.

What's the best way to clean my aligners?

Rinse your aligner trays every night and brush them gently with a toothbrush to keep them clean. The best way to make sure your aligners are clean is to soak them in Invisalign Cleaning Crystals or a denture cleaner. To maintain proper hygiene, you should brush your teeth after meals and before you reinsert your aligners.

How do I get started with Invisalign?

You can get started with Invisalign by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Lee. At your first consultation, he will discuss your needs and evaluate whether Invisalign treatment is suitable for you.

Invisalign will do you and your smile a world of good. Call Elkhart Dental Center Elkhart, IN, at 574-522-0156 to schedule a consultation today!

By Elkhart Dental Center
February 21, 2019
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Want a whiter smile? Find out how our Elkhart, IN, dentist can help you.

Many people are empowering themselves is by turning to cosmetic dentistry to improve their smiles. If your smile isn’t as white and radiantTeeth Whitening as it used to be, our Elkhart, IN, dentist Dr. Sangyoung Lee can help. Discover the unique benefits of getting professional teeth whitening,

Fast, Visible Results

If you have an important event coming up then you may not be able to wait weeks to see results from at-home methods. Plus, many at-home options don’t provide significant changes. If you want to see a visibly brighter smile in just one hour then you’ll want to turn to our Elkhart, IN, cosmetic dentist for professional in-office whitening. We can get your smile several shades whiter in about one hour.

Even Whitening

Many over-the-counter whitening methods use a one-size-fits-most approach to whitening. This means the trays aren’t custom-made to fit your mouth. As a result, some areas of your smile may get whiter than others; however, professional in-office whitening is performed right here by our qualified dentist who will make sure that your entire smile gets the thorough whitening it needs.

Customized Care

Again, over-the-counter whitening doesn’t take certain factors into account that could affect your results. We know that no two people’s smiles are the same and so we tailor our whitening to meet your needs. Maybe you have tooth sensitivity or you are dealing with some rather challenging stains. We can work with you to make sure you get the treatment and results you want.

Improve Your Oral Health

One of the obvious benefits of whitening is that it removes those stains to reveal a whiter and more beautiful smile. As a result, you’ll feel more confident and work even harder to keep your teeth healthier to maintain your results for as long as possible. You may be surprised to see that your oral health receives quite a boost just from a simple whitening treatment.

Are you interested in getting professional teeth whitening in Elkhart, IN? If so, then it’s the perfect time to call Elkhart Dental Center to schedule a consultation with us. Getting a whiter smile has never been easier.

By Elkhart Dental Center
November 08, 2018
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Dental fillings can help resolve damage done by cavities and/or trauma. Your family dentist at Elkhart Dental Center in Elkhart, IN, Dr. Sangyoung Lee, provides tooth-colored fillings, as well as other types of dental restorations, to fix teeth.

What are fillings?

According to a 2000 report by the U.S. Surgeon General, most people have had at least one cavity by age 17.

Tooth-colored fillings are usually preferred by individuals who don't want visible fillings. They are also known as composite resin and made of plastic resin and a filler, finely ground glass-like particles. They fix issues such as chips and cracks, fractures, decays, discolored and stained teeth, and short teeth.

Fillings seal holes caused by cavities. A cavity results from bacterial plaque that produces acid and creates holes (cavities) in teeth. If not detected early on, serious issues may occur, like receding gums. Your Elkhart family dentist cleans and disinfects the cavity, then they seal it with the filling to protect the integrity of the tooth.

Composite is a popular and expensive choice that lasts longer, but doesn't require as much drilling compared to amalgam.

Caring for fillings

Dental fillings require the same care as all your teeth: Brush your teeth twice a day, after breakfast and before bed. Floss at least once before bed and maintain a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Drink water to help wash away food debris, and visit your family dentist twice a year for regular checkups and professional cleanings.

After your dentist has finished the procedure, your teeth will look natural.

Benefits of fillings

There are many advantages of tooth-colored fillings, like teeth that don't gray, natural-looking teeth that provide a beautiful smile, composite which strengthens your teeth, and sealed cracks which protect teeth from further decay.

Make sure you brush your teeth and floss every day to maintain a healthy oral regimen.

If you have any questions about tooth-colored fillings, don't hesitate to call your family dentist at Elkhart Dental Center, Dr. Sangyoung Lee. You can reach him at (574) 522-0156 in his Elkhart, IN, office.

By Elkhart Dental Center
September 10, 2018
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants DiagramFind out how our Elkhart, IN, family dentist can treat your tooth loss.

Are you an adult who is missing one or more teeth? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here in Elkhart, IN, our dentist Dr. Sangyoung Lee offers many options for you to fill those gaps in your smile and to improve your oral health. Of course, you may have heard about dental implants, or artificial tooth roots, and how they could replace your missing tooth or teeth for the rest of your life. Let’s tell you a little bit about how implants work.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is designed to replace the roots of your missing tooth. You might not realize this but tooth roots are very important not just for the health of the tooth but also for your jawbone. After all, every once of your tooth’s roots are stimulating the jawbone to produce new bone cells all the time. When you lose a tooth you lose that stimulation and the jawbone starts to deteriorate. The only way to prevent bone loss is to replace your missing tooth roots with a dental implant.

Of course, the implant itself doesn’t look anything like real tooth roots (as it’s actually a small post or screw often made from titanium), but it can take the place of tooth roots.

How does an implant work?

In order to replace the tooth roots, the implant will need to be placed into the jawbone right where the missing tooth used to be. In order to do this, our Elkhart restorative dentist will need to perform a minor procedure to open up the gums and make a small hole in the jawbone where the implant will go.

It can take several months for the jawbone and gums to fully heal, but as they do they will grow around and fuse together with the implant. This is due to the fact that the implant is made from a biocompatible metal, so the mouth treats the implant just like a natural part of the body. Once the jawbone and implant become one, you will have a lifelong foundation from which to support a false tooth.

After this fusion between the jawbone and implant are complete, we will need to place a structure called an abutment over the implant. An abutment’s sole purpose is to connect the implant (the part that lies under the gums and isn’t visible) with the dental crown (the part you will see). In order to do this, we will have to make a small incision in the gums to place the abutment on top of the implant. After several more weeks of healing, it’s now time to cement the crown over the abutment to finalize your treatment.

Missing several or all of your teeth? No problem. We can place several implants along the arches of the jaws to support a dental bridge or dentures.

If you are dealing with tooth loss in Elkhart, IN, and want to find out whether dental implants are the right option for replacing your missing teeth then call Elkhart Dental Center today to schedule a consultation.

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