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Bioplant® Synthetic Bone Graft
Socket grafting/ridge preservation is the immediate replacement of an extracted tooth or teeth. A synthetic bone graft, or an immediate implant placement coupled with a bone graft, should be placed in the socket to prevent disuse atrophy.

Bioplant HTR Synthetic Bone prevents the 40-60% bone loss which occurs in the 2-3 years after tooth extraction. It is the solution for the universal problem of the atrophic (dissolving) jawbone: preventing the expected bone shrinkage before it happens.

Bioplant® - Extraction Socket Therapy
According to the American Dental Association, 80 million teeth are extracted annually, 50 million of which should be treated.

It has been shown that after a tooth extraction, the surrounding jawbone tends to recede and atrophy, eventually losing nearly 40% to 60% of its original height and width within two to three years. This condition has been shown to negatively impact adjacent teeth (by shifting), create problems with chewing, cause muscular collapse with the development of facial lines, and create difficulties for future implants and dentures. This atrophy occurs regardless of the patient’s age, sex, or health. It has been demonstrated that placing Bioplant® HTR or .125 into the socket immediately following tooth extraction prevents this jawbone loss, thereby maintaining the health of the surrounding teeth and bone and allowing the possibility of a future dental implant .

Synthetic Bone alloplast was the first replacement material that was successfully applied to fill extraction sites, which restores and maintains the vertical height and width of the alveolar ridge.

Bioplant® is presently the only synthetic bone material capable of performing this function and has 20 years of histological and successful clinical data. We're proud to use this bone preservation material at Elkhart Dental Center. If you'd like to learn more about preserving bone density post-extraction, get in touch.

Untreated Extraction Site

Socket Void

Site just after extraction.

Original Jawbone Height

2 to 4 years postextraction can result in 40% to 60% bone loss if untreated

Bioplant-Treated Extraction Site

Extraction site injected with Bioplant.

Extraction site injected with Bioplant.

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